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As demand for sustainable products and policies grows both domestically and abroad, so will the need for government agencies – from small town councils to the federal government – to shift their attention to sustainable initiatives. Government bodies can foster a regulatory and legislative climate that facilitates and rewards green practices in the business sector – potentially even stimulating the economy in the form of commerce opportunities and new jobs. In order to make this a reality, they will need personnel with up-to-date training in sustainable principles and practices.

Whether you currently work for a government agency or you plan to, you can gain the skills you need to lead effective sustainability initiatives through the University of Vermont’s sustainability certificate programs – 100% online.

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Learn new skills you can immediately apply to your job, building both a stronger career for yourself and a stronger, more efficient agency for your employer. You can complete your advanced certificate 100% online, and on your own schedule. Each certificate program includes online streaming video lectures you can access anywhere, 24/7, enabling you to fulfill your responsibilities to work and family. Connect with instructors and fellow students through chat rooms, discussion boards and email. You can enroll immediately, and at an exclusive savings, with no prerequisite exams. Don't pass up this excellent opportunity for professional growth! 

Government Applications for UVM’s Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Innovation

Government bodies and leaders have the authority to institute sustainable best practices within their own operations by encouraging and, in some cases, mandating them for their employees. In late 2009, President Barack Obama signed an executive order requiring all federal agencies to set and meet wide-ranging and ambitious sustainability goals. Said President Obama: "As the largest consumer of energy in the U.S. economy, the federal government can and should lead by example when it comes to creating innovative ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, conserve water, reduce waste, and use environmentally-responsible products and technologies."*

The executive order also calls on federal agencies to support sustainable communities, reduce fleet petroleum consumption, leverage federal purchasing power to promote sustainable commerce and implement other sustainable practices. Following the Recovery Act, the order was intended to cultivate a clean energy economy by reducing harmful emissions and related economic costs. Sustainability is now part of the job description for every federal employee – regardless of agency or department – many of whom will need at least a basic level of sustainability training.


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*Executive Order: Federal Leadership In Environmental, Energy, And Economic Performance,, October 5, 2009