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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an advanced certificate?

An online advanced certificate program is a comprehensive professional development series that covers today’s most in-demand business topics. Each UVM advanced certificate consists of three individual certificate courses, which build upon one another in a step-by-step progression. Through information-packed lectures and hands-on simulations, the Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Innovation program teaches participants about critical sustainable business strategies and techniques. Students will master key sustainability topics and trends relating to businesses, operations, communities and nonprofit organizations, allowing them to have a clear understanding of the discipline as a whole. It will enable students to master and implement sustainability best practices in the workplace, transforming their business into a powerful catalyst, model, and engine of positive and lasting change – a driving force that leads society by design to a sustainable and desirable future. The Advanced Certificate in Campus Sustainable Innovation focuses on sustainability strategies and best practices for colleges, universities, community colleges and other academic institutions, helping them to implement sustainable initiatives and processes into their campus operations, student life, and their curriculum, establishing sustainability as a core competency and campus identity.

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How long does it take to complete each course?

The total estimated completion time for each certificate course is approximately 25 to 30 hours, including 12 to 16 hours of streaming video presentation plus independent exercises and mastery exams. Students can work at their own pace but should plan to spend approximately 5 to 7 hours a week on their online lectures, assignments and exams, which will enable them to complete each course within eight weeks.

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Is there a time limit that I must complete a course within?

Yes. You have eight weeks to complete each certificate course. Students who complete all three courses in a program will receive an Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Innovation or an Advanced Certificate in Campus Sustainable Innovation.

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What kind of materials will I receive?

Upon student request, you will receive a set of video CD-ROMs and a study guide to complement the lecture materials. The video CDs are provided to ensure that you will be able to enjoy the streaming video lectures regardless of your Internet connection speed. If you have a broadband connection, please try the streaming video option first. If your connection speed is under 56K, or if you wish to view the videos offline, you may use the CD option.

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What type of interaction can I expect from this program?

The online faculty support format is an excellent way to meet, collaborate and network with professionals from across the nation and around the world. Online faculty support offers extended interaction with program faculty and classmates through virtual office hours, faculty-monitored chat rooms, discussion boards and email, providing an engaging and rewarding educational experience.

In fact, many students will find that they are actually learning, participating and enjoying themselves more in this online program than they ever did in a traditional classroom.

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Will I have assignments or exams?

In order to receive your certificate, there will be an “open book” set of questions you must answer online. Move at your own pace and review the lectures and study guide materials as many times as you want to achieve a better understanding of the core competencies of sustainability. The materials are yours, so take your time!

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Why should I consider earning an advanced certificate?

Earning an advanced certificate sets you apart from – or above – those without it. For many, gaining new skills becomes a personal professional goal. An advanced certificate from a highly respected, accredited university also adds prestige to your resume. Furthermore, an advanced certificate can be an aid to career advancement and help increase your salary potential.

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Is there any credit given for completing an advanced certificate?

Students will earn 4.5 continuing education units (CEUs) – as well as a beautifully framed certificate – upon completion of each UVM online course.

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Can I earn college credit for completing an advanced certificate?

Advanced certificate programs do not award traditional academic credit that can be easily transferred into an accredited university’s undergraduate or graduate programs. However, you will earn continuing education units (CEUs) for each course you complete. Contact your company’s human resources department to determine whether their tuition assistance policy covers continuing education programs.

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How much does each course cost? Are there any discounts for enrolling in multiple courses?

Click here for tuition and discount information.

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When does your next session begin?

Classes start on the first of each month. Because there is no lengthy application process for these professional development programs, students can usually begin the month immediately following the month they register.

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How does earning a course certificate work?

Once you complete a course – including all lectures, assignments and tests – you will be awarded a course certificate and continuing education units from the University of Vermont.

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Who is the University of Vermont?

Founded in 1791, the University of Vermont combines faculty-student relationships most commonly found in a small liberal arts college with the resources of a major research institution. It is the fifth oldest university in New England (after Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Brown). Located in Burlington, Vermont, UVM's setting in a valley on the shores of Lake Champlain, between the Adirondack and the Green mountain ranges, inspires visitors and residents alike.

The University of Vermont’s Institute for Global Sustainability (IGS) was established in 2007 as part of the University of Vermont Continuing Education Department. The institute is guided by the leadership of the IGS Advisory Board members and the institute staff. The development of the online Institute for Global Sustainability will allow the University of Vermont to build upon Vermont's reputation of environmental leadership.

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Is the University of Vermont accredited?

The University of Vermont is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), one of six regional accreditation agencies nationwide. The undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the Business School are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), the primary accrediting association for American schools of business.

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When do I have to register for the program?

You can register anytime and begin the program on the first of the month. You then have eight weeks to finish each course.

Call 855-300-1467 or +1 813-663-0861 today for more information!

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Where can I find state-specific agency information to send student complaints/concerns?

State agency contact information for student complaints/concerns: Click here to see a list of state agency contact information sorted by geographic location.

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What are the minimum system requirements?

Click here for more information.

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