Advanced Certificate in Campus Sustainable Innovation

Advanced Certificate in Campus Sustainable Innovation

Cultivate a Sustainable Institution and Community with Campus Sustainability Training. Earn your Advanced Certificate in Campus Sustainable Innovation – 100% Online!

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Every campus wants to be green. But what does it take to truly harness sustainability as a critical driver of success for your institution and community? UVM’s Advanced Certificate in Campus Sustainable Innovation empowers you with the sustainable campus trends and techniques needed to integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into your educational mission and set the pace for innovation and thought leadership among higher education institutions.

This robust sustainable innovation training program demonstrates how to maximize campus operations efficiency and boost student and community engagement using the very latest sustainability strategies, tools and best practices. Through instructor-led, 100% online courses, you’ll discover how you can transform your institution into a powerful catalyst and engine of positive and lasting change – positioning it as a model of innovative practices and sustainable systems for campuses and communities nationwide.

With the convenience of UVM’s video-based e-learning platform, this sustainable innovation program provides in-depth sustainability training, enabling you to:

  • Drive sustainability innovation on your campus and beyond
  • Integrate sustainability into your curriculum to encourage student involvement
  • Master proven approaches to establish sustainable operations, from campus dining services to water and waste management, energy efficiency, and on-campus transportation
  • Gain insights into key stakeholder engagement in sustainable initiatives
  • Boost performance through critical best practices and implementation strategies to create a true culture of sustainability in your institution
  • Hone in-demand skills that can help you advance in your career

Who Should Register?

The Advanced Certificate in Campus Sustainable Innovation program is ideal for higher education leaders and activists, sustainability coordinators, campus operations professionals, social entrepreneurs, professionals entering the sustainability field, community leaders, managers, directors, c-level executives or anyone who desires to learn how to implement campus sustainability practices for their institution. This dynamic multi-course series can prepare individuals for a variety of sustainability-related careers, including positions such as chief sustainability officer, green building coordinator, waste reduction coordinator and director of sustainability initiatives.